Wednesday, May 9, 2012



I have not had a perm since last Christmas (December 2011) although I still experimented with different weaves! In fact, I fixed 3 different weaves and the effects of the last two contributed largely to my decision.

From the second one, I got extremely broken and damaged hair! The hair I left on top of the weave literally broke to less than half my natural hair length! From the last, because of bonding glue and my decision to wash my already thick hair myself, I got lumps of hair falling off my head. My hair was tangled very badly. With the motive of untangling it, I o]put a lot of leave-in conditioner but it still did not work, then I tried pink oil moisturizer, it helped a little bit but my hair was still very hard and tangled! At this point, tears were rolling down my cheeks! I had lost so much hair that I thought I would loose almost all of it in the process of my untangling or I would have to go get a low-hair cut! THAT, WAS A NIGHTMARE FOR ME!!!!

Thank God! I was able to untangle my hair and that was the moment I knew I didn't want anymore artificial products in my hair! I'm still scared of the idea of shampooing my hair :( this happened three nights ago!

My roots are now very thick ( I think) and I love the way my hair feels now! For now, I just try to
  1. Drink as much water as I can in a day. (targeting 8-10 glasses a day or more)
  2. Moisturize my hair daily using Pink oil hair moisturizer, Olive oil and some water.
  3. do bantu knots most nights,  scarf and release in the morning for curls and volume!
I have received a few tips and advice from people already with natural hair on how to begin and I can't wait to get there!
the braids that took out the front part of my hair :(

Me at the beginning of my journey!! :D

More pictures coming soon! Please, feel free to check back for updates. :) Stay blessed and enjoy the rest of your week :*


  1. Thanks for bringing us along on your journey & sharing the helpful tips!

  2. You're welcome!! Thanks for stopping by!! :)


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