Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hello people!!! Hi, my name is Kike for those for you who don't know me already. I hope you're doing great!

This blog will be about my transitioning from perm hair to natural hair!!! :D

I finally made the decision to begin the transition just 3 days ago! It had always been on my mind. I was tired of the burn of relaxers. I knew I wasn't taking good care of my hair. It was so fragile and flat. I became used to covering it up ALWAYS! For example: I could carry long braids for 3 weeks, take them out on a friday, relax my hair either that same friday or the the next day (Saturday) and then do fresh braids that same day. I never gave my hair a break! There were few times in school when I didn't have time to redo my hair after taking it out and I felt so self-conscious although, people never spoke negative about it!

There was also the stress of weave! If I had to leave my hair out, I would have to straighten, and then if there was bonding involved.... basically it was a mess and just unnecessarily stressful! I lost a lot of hair, I had serious split ends and my hair was brownish-looking.

At a point in time, I went into a salon to get a wash and the stylist described to me how bad my hair was (without me asking for her opinion)! I felt so terrible and she (not we) decided to 'trim' the ends of my hair. I was so busy feeling bad, that I didn't notice she had cut half of the length of my hair off of my head!! I was horrified and I just stared at my face in the mirror. I couldn't even speak to her. I paid her off and just left. She told me that one day, I would thank her for it! SMH!!

After  noticing the harmful effects of relaxers on my hair, I decided not to perm my hair again!! Along the way, I was convinced by another stylist of mine and I did get a perm but that was my last ( hopefully!).

This was the beginning of a new future for me!! (No, I'm not being dramatic at all) :D


  1. i like this blog alot,well done girl and nice hair

  2. It's great how you change your hair!

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