Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bantu Knot Out Result :)

To see the Bantu knot tutorial, click here

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Styled BY Kalack

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Friday, June 15, 2012


Hello guys,

No, I did not forget about this video! Sorry it took so long. I needed to get myself together! 

Things needed are listed here !

Here it is! I hope you have fun and learn something from it!
You can check it out on YouTube to view it bigger! 

To see the end result and styling of the hair, click here
Hope you had fun! Thanks for watching! :)

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Monday, June 11, 2012

My hair styling so far

So far, I've began to learn how to relate with my hair. Initially, I didn't know how to style or handle my hair. Now, I have learn a few skills that I use.

I mostly wear my hair in up-dos. Its also a way a protecting my hair from harsh conditions like heat or cold. Especially being here in Windsor where it can be so hot in the morning and suddenly cold in the late afternoon.

Here are a few pictures from when I started up to now:

High bun with dense and compressed curls

When I initially began to curl my hair

close view of the curls
sleek up-do

High bun with messy curls

Side view

To the side

Messy up-do with a band

High bun

So far these are the styles I have been wearing.

Have an awesome weekend!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hey guys! What's up.

Transitioning hair is very fragile and brittle because of the mix of natural and relaxed hair. It is normally most fragile at the point of intersection of the two different hair textures. Therefore, it should be treated with a high amount of care.

Here are some tips on how to handle and care for your hair when transitioning.
  1. Always moisturize. By this I mean keep your hair constantly feeling soft.  Do this using either hair lotions or you can go organic or natural (extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, canola oil,e.t.c.) There is a lot of them you can use. Try to do more research about them and you'll get to know their many benefits for even other thing excluding hair. You can also use water! Get a spray bottle and just mist your hair daily or anytime it feels dry
  2. Wear protective hair styles. For transitioning hair, there are lots of hairstyles you can use. there's Bantu twists, sister locks, flat twists, straw sets, twist outs, e.t.c. These hairstyles will protect your hair from harsh conditions also retaining moisture. These hair styles also help to give you the feel on how to handle your hair when its fully natural. 
  3. Be careful when using heat. As I said earlier, your hair is now fragile so you want to be careful about how you use heat on it. Before styling make sure you use a heat protector to reduce the amount of heat damage. DO NOT try to straighten your natural hair into your relaxed hair. that will make your hair break at the ends or even half-way through. I currently use TRESemme heat tamer spray.
  4. Drink lots and lots of water. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. Moisture is the most important thing to consider in this journey so you want to make sure you are getting as much moisture as you can in different ways.
  5.  Co-wash about two(2) times a week. Co-washing is just washing your hair but without shampoo. It will amaze you how soft and moisturized your hair will feel. I currently use herbal essences hello hydration conditioner. You can use any conditioner of your choice.
  6. Make sure you use a SILK scarf. Use a silk scarf and pillowcase (optional). this will help retain moisture and also prevent your hair form breaking when there is friction between your hair and the pillowcase at anytime you sleep. this will also help to reduce build up of oils and products on your pillowcase and thus, reduce the occurrence of pimples.
  7. Try to dry your hair naturally as much as possible and avoid using heat.
  8. Try to stay calm and have fun to reduce the amount of stress. You may not think this as very important but it actually occurs very frequently. When we stress out, we loose a lot of hair. So you see, those stands of hair that fall off during our wash are not only due to tangles or normal hair shedding.
  9. Most importantly of all, always have a big smile on your face!
I know this has been a very long post of words and no pictures but don't worry it's not as complex as it may seem. I just wanted to break it down for you to get the understanding.

Thank you for reading and please share this post so that others can see it too!

Thank you and God bless!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

How I make my hair more curly

What's up with everyone? I hope you're all doing great!!

I have decided to do a tutorial on how i make my hair very curly. I'm fully African like, there's no other lineage in my family just NIGERIAN. So my hair is just like any average African girl's hair.


I get a lot of compliments on my hair like: 'is that your real hair', 'how did you make your hair this curly', 'your hair look like that of someone from a mixed race'. I'm sure you get the point now!

So, I'm going to upload a mini tutorial on how I do the magic.. LOL.. This works for any hair type not just natural hair. I'm going to go ahead and mention what you'll need so you are prepared.

  1. Some water in a bowl
  2. Any hair moisturizer
  3. Extra virgin olive oil
  4. A wide tooth comb
  5. Something to part your hair into small sections
  6. A mirror
  7. A silk scarf
  8. Some hair clips to hold your hair in place when you part it (OPTIONAL)
So please stay tuned and get ready to have fun with me. :D

Here is the video  and this is the result

Check out my other blog Styled BY Kalack, where I share my fashion OOTDs and hair styling tips if you enjoed this, cos you will love it! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hello people!! Wuussssuuupppp?

OK so, I'm feeling very great at the moment. LOL. I'm shaking my head from left to right continuously. I just finished washing and conditioning my hair and it feels soooo great!!!

I'm going to do describe how I did it and mention the products I used. This is not for only natural hair; any type of hair can go with these steps. It all depends on the type of products your hair requires. 

I literally did not comb or wash my hair throughout the past week! LOL

Before I begin I would also like to add that, no one has 'bad' hair or whatever, it's just the way you handle it that it will be and also that, you should study your hair and knows what works best for you because everyone is different. OK? So let’s start!!

What you'll need:

  1. Close to an hour and thirty minutes 
  2. Olive oil (I used Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil - No cholesterol)
  3. A plastic cap
  4. A table spoon
  5. Any timer
  6. Moisturizing Shampoo ( I used Revlon Outrageous Shampoo and conditioner because I didn't have just a shampoo)
  7. Moisturizing conditioner (I used Herbal essences totally twisted conditioner revitalisant (to boost the curls you know, because I want to go natural!) - I was torn between this and their hello hydration moisturizing conditioner.
  8. Any leave-in conditioner
  9. A wide tooth comb
  10. Luke warm water
  11. Your fingers!
Here we go, GOOD LUCK!!

The steps are:
  1. Divide your dry hair into 4-6 sections or more depending on the type of  your hair
  2. Using your fingers, apply a tablespoonful of olive oil to each section. Work your way up from the roots to the tips. If you have very dense roots you may want to spend more time there. Gently untangle the hair from roots to tips with YOUR FINGERS.
  3. When all the sections are done and heavy with the olive oil, put on a plastic cap for about an hour. This will help to soften the hair and the tangles.
  4. Take off the cap, and then rinse your hair with the lukewarm water for 3-6 minutes. DO NOT TRY TO UNTANGLE THE HAIR! Just gently rinse it. This will loosen up the hair even more and get rid of most of the products accumulated since your last wash.
  5. Apply the shampoo to your wet hair. Massage it very gently and work it up as usual, form the roots to the tips. Also DO NOT TRY TO UNTANGLE THE HAIR!
  6. Rinse it out thoroughly
  7. Apply the conditioner to the hair in the similar manner. Make sure you get every strand of hair. At this point, you follow the instructions on your conditioner container.
  8. This is where the fight occurs. Comb through your hair gently from roots to tips. The amount of conditioner you use also depends on the density of your hair!
  9. Rinse out the conditioner very thoroughly
  10. Apply the leave-in conditioner to the hair
It’s time to dry your hair! I would advise that you try as much as possible to air-dry your hair instead of blow-drying it. If you are in a hurry and you would like to blow-dry it, make sure you use a heat protector spray before doing so. I use TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray.

Tadaaa.. We are done!! I hope you feel as great and fresh as I do right now. 

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section below! I absolutely want to hear from you and know how it went! 

If you are in Canada you can get these and even more products from They have great deals and offer free shipping Canada wide!

Thank you for your time and have a blessed week!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



I have not had a perm since last Christmas (December 2011) although I still experimented with different weaves! In fact, I fixed 3 different weaves and the effects of the last two contributed largely to my decision.

From the second one, I got extremely broken and damaged hair! The hair I left on top of the weave literally broke to less than half my natural hair length! From the last, because of bonding glue and my decision to wash my already thick hair myself, I got lumps of hair falling off my head. My hair was tangled very badly. With the motive of untangling it, I o]put a lot of leave-in conditioner but it still did not work, then I tried pink oil moisturizer, it helped a little bit but my hair was still very hard and tangled! At this point, tears were rolling down my cheeks! I had lost so much hair that I thought I would loose almost all of it in the process of my untangling or I would have to go get a low-hair cut! THAT, WAS A NIGHTMARE FOR ME!!!!

Thank God! I was able to untangle my hair and that was the moment I knew I didn't want anymore artificial products in my hair! I'm still scared of the idea of shampooing my hair :( this happened three nights ago!

My roots are now very thick ( I think) and I love the way my hair feels now! For now, I just try to
  1. Drink as much water as I can in a day. (targeting 8-10 glasses a day or more)
  2. Moisturize my hair daily using Pink oil hair moisturizer, Olive oil and some water.
  3. do bantu knots most nights,  scarf and release in the morning for curls and volume!
I have received a few tips and advice from people already with natural hair on how to begin and I can't wait to get there!
the braids that took out the front part of my hair :(

Me at the beginning of my journey!! :D

More pictures coming soon! Please, feel free to check back for updates. :) Stay blessed and enjoy the rest of your week :*


Hello people!!! Hi, my name is Kike for those for you who don't know me already. I hope you're doing great!

This blog will be about my transitioning from perm hair to natural hair!!! :D

I finally made the decision to begin the transition just 3 days ago! It had always been on my mind. I was tired of the burn of relaxers. I knew I wasn't taking good care of my hair. It was so fragile and flat. I became used to covering it up ALWAYS! For example: I could carry long braids for 3 weeks, take them out on a friday, relax my hair either that same friday or the the next day (Saturday) and then do fresh braids that same day. I never gave my hair a break! There were few times in school when I didn't have time to redo my hair after taking it out and I felt so self-conscious although, people never spoke negative about it!

There was also the stress of weave! If I had to leave my hair out, I would have to straighten, and then if there was bonding involved.... basically it was a mess and just unnecessarily stressful! I lost a lot of hair, I had serious split ends and my hair was brownish-looking.

At a point in time, I went into a salon to get a wash and the stylist described to me how bad my hair was (without me asking for her opinion)! I felt so terrible and she (not we) decided to 'trim' the ends of my hair. I was so busy feeling bad, that I didn't notice she had cut half of the length of my hair off of my head!! I was horrified and I just stared at my face in the mirror. I couldn't even speak to her. I paid her off and just left. She told me that one day, I would thank her for it! SMH!!

After  noticing the harmful effects of relaxers on my hair, I decided not to perm my hair again!! Along the way, I was convinced by another stylist of mine and I did get a perm but that was my last ( hopefully!).

This was the beginning of a new future for me!! (No, I'm not being dramatic at all) :D