Monday, June 10, 2013

Journey So Far

Hello Y'all! I'm still alive yaay! lol. Anyway, I just thought I'd give you guys an update on my journey so far!

I can now say that I am fully natural! Between the last post and now, I have had about 5 different hairstyles. To protect my transitioning hair, I carried a curly weave and 2 different braids during the later parts of summer until end of fall. I then did a fringe sew-in through winter and completely neglected my hair. However, after weeks of feeling terrible with myself, I finally treated my hair to some co-washing, olive oil, castor, oil, argon oil, coconut oil and deep conditioning!

Remember I did not do the big chop? A lot of my permed hair ended up falling out, and forming tangles at the ends of the hair, so I cut them off about 2 weeks ago.

Nothing much has changed. I still use the exact same hair products, but I do drink a whole lot more of water now. One big lesson I have learned so far is moisturizing is key! Always moisturize your hair. I don't think you can over-moisturize your hair! In between, you can find me constantly blogging on my fashion blog Styled BY Kalack. Come say hi! I'll be back



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