Monday, June 11, 2012

My hair styling so far

So far, I've began to learn how to relate with my hair. Initially, I didn't know how to style or handle my hair. Now, I have learn a few skills that I use.

I mostly wear my hair in up-dos. Its also a way a protecting my hair from harsh conditions like heat or cold. Especially being here in Windsor where it can be so hot in the morning and suddenly cold in the late afternoon.

Here are a few pictures from when I started up to now:

High bun with dense and compressed curls

When I initially began to curl my hair

close view of the curls
sleek up-do

High bun with messy curls

Side view

To the side

Messy up-do with a band

High bun

So far these are the styles I have been wearing.

Have an awesome weekend!!

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